Art in times of corona

In times of crisis art becomes verbal: (in) melody and structure, sign and signal. In extraordinary times she uses unusual means, expresses herself playfully, sometimes courageously. Therein she holds loans from the universal wealth of ideas. Does not hesitate to go on tour (display) with self-irony. Why not „nomad“ize, wander from analog to digital? Observers in the global „round“/ sphere? colleagues, fellow creators, wherever, linked by cabel,  net, onto the stage, in the arena, the studio, the outdoors, hauled into the boat, now a light game, invited to-  Hear, hear, eyes open, look, see amid calls of encouragement: long live song, play, painting and much more.

And what then manifests itself in forms of art-creations in portals, openings, doors, ports and on balconies is impressive in times of Corona and required social distance, beteen corridors and over garden fences away, in stop-zones and despite paddywagens it smiles amiably at the curious, newly arrived: we are still here, here again, quite serious, deadly serious, indeed: ars longa, vita brevis!

The old meadows, now in Spring, at Easter-walks time, only perceived differently, the artist eyes and ears go forth, roam, spread, different from viri, resource packets and conjure with heightened senses, „Sonnenkringel“ and awnings in sight-  and sound-world. Is it the „don’t worry, be happy“ or something similar, not yet formulated? At any rate, no fake news please, no deals. Instead of that the „In-spite-of“-art, the crazy-alive art with halflife shelf time, spreading exponentially but not pathologically contageous.

The always open, the gesture of portrayal and reporting, but not judging, may refuge and hope endure (exist), is what the  sympathetic and empathetic heart wishes (longs for)